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An Unoccupied Home is Vulnerable - Home Watch STL

Protect Your Valuables & Peace of Mind With Our Home Check Services

An Unoccupied Home Is A Vulnerable Home

How It Works


In an initial meeting, a Home Watch professional works with you to prepare a customized checklist for the unique components of your property. Then on a set schedule, our professional visits the site, examining the property both inside and out and reporting to you that same day through our electronic reporting system—and if anything requires immediate attention that we cannot resolve ourselves, we phone you at once. 


We can also supervise any service or delivery to your home or property, including meeting contractors, overseeing cable/internet installation, and accepting appliance or furniture delivery.


Whether you’re a traveler, snowbird, absentee homeowner, seller with a vacated home, or just a busy professional, when you’re away you want the assurance of knowing someone you can trust is keeping an eye out for you. 


For the peace of mind that your home or property is safe and in good care,  Contact us today.


HomeWatch STL is an accredited member of the National Home Watch Association and is fully insured and bonded. 

Home Watch STL performs scheduled visits to your home or property while you’re away.


Home Watch is for you if:


  •  You are a snowbird and go to warmer climates in the winter

  •  You go to cooler climates in the summer

  •  Go on a vacation

  •  You have moved out of the area before your house sold

  •  You do not want to ask a favor of your neighbors or family to watch your home while you are gone

Our service is simple: on a set schedule, a Home Watch professional visits your unoccupied property to survey both its exterior and interior using a detailed checklist to verify its condition, including:



  • Water leaks  (the number one insurance claim)

  • Rain or storm damage

  • Functionality of major systems such as plumbing, electrical, heating, and air conditioning

  • Vandalism

  • Security

  • Animal or insect infestation

  • Pool or irrigation issues

  • Vehicles battery charge

  • Any other features or areas unique to your property

Home Check Service examining house

Our Home Watch Reporting System

No two homes are alike and no two reports should be the same.  We use QR codes to identify the report which is specific to your home and provide assurance that we have been there.  


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