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Senior Extended Services

When Recovery in Rehab Means an Unoccupied Home at Risk

For whatever reason, an accident happens and rehab is required after a hospital stay.  Rehab can be 21 days or greater in order to achieve strength enough to go home.  Who is watching the home during this period?  Perhaps family, but then sometimes that is not convenient or the family members live at a distance.


Home Watch STL is able to go to the home during the owner's absence and check on the house to insure that there is not an issue before it becomes a disaster.


Because accidents happen and rarely are homes left in a condition to welcome the patient home, we can also prepare the home for the owner's arrival....stocking the refrigerator, arranging a light cleaning,  changing sheets, etc.


Returning home after rehab is filled with hope and fear.  We can't cure everything, but we can oversee your home so that you do not return to problems with which to deal.

Home protection during extended rehab st