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Home Watch Services in St. Louis

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Home Watch services are as unique as every home—in other words, each and every one is different. So at Home Watch STL, we work with property owners to create a specialized checklist tailored to their specific needs.


The following list is a sample of our customized home watch services offerings, showing our most requested services:

Exterior Services

  • Removal of newspapers, flyers, packages and debris from front walkway and/or patio and sweep or blow debris when necessary

  • Check for erosion or drainage problems

  • Ensure landscape maintenance has been performed and reporting any distressed plants and weed infestation while looking for any possible irrigation leaks

  • Check pool and/or spa to be sure water is clear, water levels are appropriate and equipment appears to be operating properly

  • Examine property for any broken windows, attempted forced entry or vandalism

  • Search for any signs of pests both inside and outside that could lead to further problems to the home

Interior Services

  • Search for evidence of leaks and water damage under sinks and toilets, hot water heaters, and air conditioner drain line

  • Identify any pest penetration or infestation into the house

  • Flush toilets and fill P-traps in the sinks and showers

  • Check for signs of mold or moisture in home

  • Ensure that all windows and doors are securely locked

  • Make sure temperature is set at desired  level in home

  • Run dishwasher and washing machine

  • Run garbage disposal

  • Check refrigerator /freezer

  • Check HVAC, Water heaters and all systems in your home

  • Examine breaker pan for signs of surge or tripped breakers

  • Check for unusual odors

Concierge Services

  • Vendor Liaison

  • Vehicle/golf cart services

  • Forward mail

  • Water indoor and outdoor plants

  • Replace air filters when needed

  • Clean out refrigerator/freezer after power outage

  • Key holder services

  • Light cleaning and restock refrigerator prior to your return home

Our Reporting System

Each Home Watch visit is specific to your property.  No two home checks are the same.