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  • Diane Pisani

Stories from HomeWatch World

My Stories from Home Watch World can fill many pages and be its own series of books! Lots of seasonal homeowners share experiences with me, and they usually begin with: "You won't believe this but..."

Here are a few things I have been told: 

🔦 I came back to my condo, and the Home Watch guy filled out his visit check-in sheet 6 weeks in advance. 

🔦 I rewarded a couple of my top employees by sending them to my condo for a gold weekend. When they entered through the garage, they thought it was so nice that I left a car for them to use. When they went into the condo, they found someone sleeping in the bed! The Home Watch guy let his friend stay at his client's condo! 

🔦 I guess my Home Watcher does not realize that the new alarm I installed alerts me when he arrives and when he leaves. Does it take longer than 5 minutes for a visit? 

🔦  I figured that the Home Watch person was storing stuff in my garage, but I let it slide. Once I came to my villa in the middle of the winter. When I arrived, someone was staying there. The Home Watch person was renting my property when I was not there! 

🔦 There was a water leak that caused a lot of damage. My Home Watch provider did not even begin to know who to call for my repairs or what to do. I had to cut my European vacation short to fly to Florida to handle everything myself. 

🔦 We purchased our dream condo in the spring. You know, the home meticulously cared for and barely used by the previous owners?  We hired a "Home Watcher" and headed back home in early June. We returned in October to find our dream condo destroyed by mold! The insurance company denied the claim for a remediation that exceeded $30,000. That is the clean-up cost. We had to purchase new furniture, artwork, etc... It turns out that the Home Watcher did not even have insurance! Our dream became a nightmare! 


Moral of story: Make sure that your home watch professional has been certified, bonded, and insured!

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