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In a Vacant Home Mold Can Grow in Only 72 Hours

Mold is a fast-growing, expensive problem for homeowners.

Mold grows best at humidity levels above 50%, and can grow exponentially within 72 hours! Unfortunately, mold is also NEVER cheap to mitigate! Additionally, when mold begins to grow, it takes hold quickly. It can start to grow on a damp surface within 24 hours. These tiny spores can colonize and rapidly become a problem for an unoccupied home within mere days.

Mold Growth - illusive and incredibly destructive

Does homeowner’s insurance cover mold?

Rarely. In a recent Forbes report, Steve Severaid, Senior Vice President and treasurer with The Greenspan Co./Adjusters International, said, “Back when mold-related damage was covered, insurance companies were paying out hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims. Insurers quickly realized that covering mold was too risky of an endeavor; therefore, many policies now offer limited coverage, if any.” In fact, many insurance companies specifically exclude mold in the policy.

Hello, Mold. Goodbye, Moolah.

If mold can happen in a matter of hours or days, how do you prevent a mold issue in a vacant home? By staying ahead of the race, and ensuring your home has a constant eye. Trust the experts, those that have been trained to recognize home issues before they start.

A trained eye like a home watch professional can help catch a "damp" issue before it becomes a mold problem. Giving you peace of mind while away from your home.

Many people simply ask a neighbor, family member, or friend to keep an eye on their home while they are away. While this may seem like an easy, affordable option, it is not always the safest. Especially if you are going to be away for a considerable amount of time. Not everyone is trained or even aware of the problems that can occur to a home while left vacant. Does your neighbor know your basement sink has a tendency to drip once in a while? Does your friend know the window in your kid’s bedroom has a slight gap and may get wet in a big storm? Do you even know these things – or other things to watch?

Trained home watch professionals do. Whether you tell them or not, they know common, and more importantly, uncommon problems – and work from a checklist when they inspect your home while you’re away.

Your home is at stake. Your savings. Your retirement. Everything you saved for could be at stake should a costly issue arise when you are away. Protection is worth every penny. A safety net to protect your home and your future while you’re away. A certified home watch professional costs far less than you think, and far less than any catastrophic damage that may occur to your property.

About the Author:


Linda Duke is Co-Founder of HomeWatch STL and a National Home Watch Association certified professional. When she relocated to St. Louis with her husband many years ago, she fell in love with the charm and character of the St. Louis community and neighborhoods. Her husband owns a security firm, which helped her realize the need for Home Watch Services in the St. Louis Metro area. She loves connecting with people and helping them protect their property.

Terri Matheis is Co-Founder of HomeWatch STL, born and raised in St. Louis. She attended Villa Duchesne – if you’re a St. Louis native wondering where she went to high school. She is a National Home Watch Association certified professional and has over three decades of experience in the real estate industry – ranging from residential sales to property management and even Senior Communities. She loves helping fellow St. Louisans who need to be away from their home safeguard their investment.


A vacant home is a vulnerable home. Whether you’re a traveler, snowbird, absentee homeowner, seller with an unoccupied house, or just a busy professional, HomeWatch STL helps you take care of your investment while you’re away. HomeWatch STL works with you to prepare a customized checklist unique to your property. Then, on a set schedule, HomeWatch STL visits the site, examines the property, and notifies you immediately through our electronic reporting system. If anything requires attention, we resolve it on the spot. Rest easy and enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to attain with HomeWatch STL on your side.

HomeWatch STL - Certified Home Watch Professionals - St. Louis MO

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