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Let Us Keep an Eye on Your Client’s Vacated Home

We Will Partner With You To Protect Your Client's Assets

Your client has been transferred out of town. Or the estate sale has been completed and the house stands empty. Or the property’s under contract, and the buyer's inspectors need access to it.


Whatever the circumstance, the house is unoccupied. You’re a busy realtor, with your attention on income-producing activities—you don’t have time to tend an unoccupied house.


But you also know an unoccupied home is an invitation for vandalism and squatting.  A disheveled home can destroy an inspection. 


Home Watch STL can help you stay focused on what you need to accomplish. For any unoccupied property, our representatives can perform weekly checks for vandalism, water issues, landscaping troubles, or any other concern and report on them in real time to you and your client. 


We can do a "drop by" prior to the inspection to make sure that everything is in order before they buyer and inspector show for the building inspection. 


We Offer "Drop By" Listing Visits


Home Watch STL has a supra key so we have access to your listing for whatever your needs may be in making your listing shine. 


Let us free up your time by checking your listing for cleanliness, or even a quick grounds look over following a storm, put in place or pick up your signs, attach supras...just ask.  We are at your service.


And a Perfect Closing Gift


Real estate professionals know it’s essential to stay front and center with past clients. What better way than to give them HomeWatch STL service for their next vacation or getaway?


 Simply order a gift certificate through our website. They’ll associate you with the service and the peace of mind it provides, and we will remind them of your referral every time they call.


Contact us now to help you protect your client’s home.

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Gift Cards for Your Clients

You can now purchase a Home Watch STL Gift Certificate through our website – perfect closing gift for your clients.


Keep your name in front of clients when they take vacation.


Gift Certificates are available in any denomination and can be put toward any of our services: concierge, keyholder home watch or senior services.